Social Justice Education

Social justice education engages students in exploring identity, diversity, equity and justice in their community and the world.  Through this approach, students are empowered and prepared with the skills to promote equity, challenge injustice and become agents of change.

 K-4 Student language: I can do my part to make this world equal and fair for everyone.

Some examples of experiences that support this mission value are featured below.


Empathy - Kindergarten


Classism & Homelessness - Grade 1


Women’s Rights and Equality - Grade 2


Diversity in Children’s Literature - Grade 3


Activism for the Lenni Lenape - Grade 4


LGBTQIAP+ Rights - Middle School Humanities


Social Justice in Sports - Middle School PE/Health


Genocide Awareness Campaign - Middle School Humanities


Plight of the Monarch - Middle School Science


Exploring Issues of Sexism - Middle School STEM


Child Abuse & Neglect - Middle School Humanities


Indigenous People’s Day Recognition - Lower & Middle School Art


Human Rights and World Hunger - Upper School World Languages


Exploring Immigration through Poetry - Upper School English


Legacy and Recognition - Upper School Social Studies


Alternative Energy Sources - Upper School Science


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