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The Hoboken Charter School is a K-12 community of learners that seeks to develop the growth of all its members through its commitment to social justice and service-learning through learner-centered practices.  Our mission, size and dedication to providing an inclusive learning community that spans thirteen years of education allow for something different- an individualized journey that leads students to know who they are and how they will change the world.

Our small size allows for deep relationships between students, faculty/staff and families.  At HCS, we believe that students thrive in environments where students are known — not only by their peers, but by the entire school community. Our size allows for unique personalized learning experiences where every child’s voice informs their instructional program.

This K-12 experience brings together students of all ages and abilities in a spirit of collaborative inquiry and understanding that is driven by the unique talents and abilities of all of its members. Through these collaborations, younger students gain role models and mentors while older students gain a sense of pride and accomplishment and develop leadership skills, a motivation that is very close to our commitment to service learning.

In the lower school years, students explore the fundamentals of social responsibility as they develop empathy and an understanding of identity, diversity, community, justice and service. These fundamentals are applied on a broader scale in middle school as students extend previous learning to communities beyond their own.  At the upper school, students are ready to bring their voice and passion to learn, through action and experiences, how they can be advocates for change as they move into post-secondary citizenship.

Watch this video to learn more about Hoboken Charter School.


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