Grading System

The Grade Point average (GPA) for students will be based upon the following mathematical formula: 


  1. Quality Points will be computed by assigning a numerical value to each grade which is multiplied by the total number of credits assigned to each course. This number is the total number of Quality Points. 2. GPA is determined by dividing the total number of Quality Points by the total number of credits attempted. 


Grade Numeric GPA Grade Numeric GPA
A+ 99-100 4.3
A 93-98 4.0
A- 91-92 3.8
B+ 89-90 3.3
B 83-88 3.0
B- 81-82 2.8
C+ 79-80 2.3
C 74-78 2.0
C- 72-73 1.8
D 70-71 1.0
F 0-69 0


 Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a standard high school diploma from Hoboken Charter School, students must fulfill all requirements listed in the Hoboken Charter School Education Policy. Those requirements include: a minimum accumulation of 125 credits; successful completion of the specific course requirements as contained therein; successful passing of the state-mandated graduation testing requirements [unless specifically exempt by a student’s Individualized Educational Program (IEP)] and fulfillment of the attendance requirements. 


Required courses:

  • Twenty (20) credits in English 
  • Fifteen (15) credits in mathematics to include Algebra I, Geometry and a 3rd year of math that builds on these concepts 
  • Fifteen (15) credits in social studies consisting minimally of two years of United States and New Jersey history as required by ​N.J.S.A. 18A:35-1 and 2 and a one year course of world history 
  • Two and a half (2.5) credits in Financial, Economic Business and Entrepreneurial Business Literacy 
  • Fifteen (15) credits of science, to include Biology and 2 other laboratory/ inquiry based science courses 
  • Fifteen (15) Physical education, health and safety, to be distributed over 4 years as required by N.J.S.A. 18A:35-5, 7 and 8
  • Five (5) credits in the visual or performing arts 
  • Five (5) credits in world language
  • Five (5) credits in 21st Century Life and Careers 
  • Five (5) credits in Social Justice


Credit Recovery

Currently enrolled HCS students have an opportunity to recover up to ten needed credits via a summer school program Summer school courses can be completed through the student’s resident school district or through Educere Virtual Education at at a cost to the family. Students will be notified about this process at the end of the school year should they need to recover any courses.


Placement Policy

For students hoping to enroll or be promoted within our 10th through 12th grades, transcript verification must be presented demonstrating that the student has passed the following courses and have accrued the following credits:   


  • Entering 10th grade- a minimum of 32.5 high school credits have been accrued and student has passed at least one full year of high school English and physical education.
  • Entering 11th grade- a minimum of 65 high school credits have been accrued and student has passed at least one full year of high school math, science and social studies as well as two full years of English and physical education.  
  • Entering 12th grade- a minimum of 97.5 high school credits have been accrued and student has passed at least two full years of high school math, science and social studies as well as three full years of English and physical education.
  • For all students entering 10th through 12th grades, a transcript review will be conducted to ensure that the student will be able to meet all other credit requirements by the end of 12th grade.  Such requirements include world language, health, electives, arts coursework, economics, HCS mission-specific coursework and minimum types of courses in the core subjects of English, math, social studies and science.