The Hoboken Charter School is a public school open to all students. There are no admissions tests. Enrollment is determined by a random lottery held in public in January each year for the following school year. If there are more applications than spots available in a given grade, a waiting list is created. Admissions policies and procedures are monitored by the State Department of Education and the Hoboken Charter School Board of Trustees. For more information about laws and regulations governing charter school operations, consult the following links:

  1. Charter School Resource Center
  2. New Jersey Charter Schools Association
  3. New Jersey Department of Education : Charter Schools

Enrollment Opportunities

2020-2021 Hoboken Charter School Lottery Application
2020-2021 Hoboken Charter School Lotería Solicitud en Español
2019-2020 Lottery Application Reserve Pool / Solicitudes de lotería en español


Click here to review the school’s lottery policy.

The admissions lottery for the next school year will take place in January. Please check our calendar for the exact dates.

Lottery Questions and Answers

  1. What if I forgot my child’s lottery number? You can double-check the number before the lottery begins.
  2. What if I don’t get admitted at the lottery? You will remain on a waitlist while spots are offered to the people admitted. Keep in mind that families frequently apply to more than one school and may not take the spot that is offered to them. If you did not get in at the lottery, it does not mean that you will not be offered a spot at some point in the future.
  3. How long will people have to make up their minds about taking a spot that is offered to them? Families admitted at the lottery will have a two week period to respond. Families admitted after the lottery date will be given 48 hours to accept the spot.
  4. I got in at the lottery, what are the next steps? If you are ready to accept the spot, you must sign what’s called a “Letter of Intent.” This holds your spot for a two-week time period to allow for you to get your admissions paperwork completed and submitted.
  5. If someone is not present at the lottery, how and when will they find out whether they were admitted or placed on a waitlist?
    • If they are accepted, they will receive a phone call from the school office.
    • Please call 201-963-0222 ext. 217  for lottery results.
  6. If I’m on the waitlist, and I really want to get in, how often should I call to check on my status? As often as you’d like, but weekly would seem sufficient.
  7. Once I’m on the waitlist, can my position change for the better? Yes. As people above you decline spots for whatever reasons, your status will improve.
  8. What happens to applications received after the deadline? Applications received after the deadline go into the reserve pool waitlist.
    • Hoboken Resident Sibling Waitlist
    • Out-of-District Sibling Waitlist
    • Hoboken Resident Waitlist
    • Out-of-District Resident Waitlist
  9. Once I’m on the waitlist, can my position change for the worse? Yes. If someone in a higher priority group as listed above applies, they will be granted priority status.
  10. If I don’t get in this year, do I need to reapply for next year? Yes. The State Department of Education requires charter schools to eliminate all waitlists and to lottery only new applications each year.
  11. What if I have questions not answered here? You can call the school office at 201-963-0222, ext. 217 and ask to speak to Maria Nuñez.