Twenty-one students at Hoboken Charter School have been awarded for their excellence in academics with praise and certificates.

To be included on the first honor roll students needed to have five or more A’s and no other grade below a B-. To be included on second honor roll, students needed to have three or more A’s and no grade below a B-.

Congratulations to All!

First Honor Roll Students:
Elaine Condo
Christian Marrero
Kaira Widodo
Moroni Aranda
Gabrielle Michael
Rozlin Hall
D’Angelo Barrow
Adela Cruz
Janiah LeeBryant
Emily Wojcik
Romanda Abedair
Mariam Ahmed
Arturo De La Paz
Dimyana Shonoda
Meosha Washington

Second Honor Roll Students:
Kiara Caban
Timothy Hagan-Chisom
Christopher Cobb
Michael Orrala
Tyquon Hines