SOS Student Ambassador Picture

On Halloween the Student Ambassadors of Hoboken Charter School were given a different kind of treat. The Upper School welcomed Mark LoMurray, founder of Sources of Strength. SOS’s mission is to “provide the highest quality prevention for suicide, violence, and substance abuse by training, supporting and empowering both peer leaders and caring adults to impact their friendship networks”. The schools twelve student ambassadors, Mrs. Freylikhman the School Social Worker and Ms. Ryan, the School Counselor, were joined by Mr. LoMurry as well as four counselors from their partnership with Rutger’s University.

The Student Ambassadors and “trusted adults” were trained together, as the Sources of Strength’s core principals dictate – “one without the other lacks prevention power”. They were taught how to deliver messages of Hope, Help, and Strength, with the idea that local faces and voices make a difference to those who are struggling.