Hello HCS Families:

Thank you to everyone that donated their left over Halloween candy!  Since Trick or Treating was postponed in Hoboken, our candy was going to be sent to Operation Gratitude much later than most schools through out the country that participate in the program.  Because of this, we were informed by Operation Gratitude that they had more than enough candy to send overseas and they would appreciate it if we would donate our candy to another organization instead.  Therefore, the candy was donated to the Hoboken Homeless shelter with our LOTS lunches this past week.  The shelter was extremely appreciative to HCS!

We would still like to do something for the troupes overseas.  Operation Gratitude suggested that we collect newspaper crossword puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, & comics along with cards and drawings made by the students.  After the New Year, the PA will be collecting these items and sending them to Operation Gratitude.  Please look out for information on collection dates for those items once we return to school in January.  By the way, the kids that did make cards/write notes that were handed in with the candy were sent to Operation Gratitude already.

A special thank you to Rose Sullivan for organizing the candy collection, sorting the candy, and delivering the candy to the shelter.

Have a great weekend,
The Friends of Hoboken Charter PA officers