Congratulations to Toby Platt who was named as a semi-finalist in the Future Engineers Challenge.  Out of more than 200 entries in the junior category, Hoboken Charter School student Toby Platt was named one of four finalists in the Future Engineers Star Trek Replicator Challenge. The challenge, developed in conjunction with NASA, was to create a digital 3D model for a non-edible, food related item that astronauts could 3D print in space. He created a water condenser to allow for drinking water to be collected from the air during space missions. As a finalist, Toby, a rising sixth grader, was awarded a PancakeBot for his family and a MakerBot Replicator Mini for Hoboken Charter School. Toby’s design was judged based on his innovation, creativity, model quality and presentation.

Information about his design and the competition is currently posted on the NASA website: