Hoboken Charter School is managed by a Board of Trustees made up of elected parents, educators and community members.  The Board of Trustees meeting dates can be found on our calendar.  Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. with exceptions noted on the school calendar. The meeting location is 713 Washington Street location; however, meetings will be held virtually during the health pandemic. The meeting agenda and dial-in information will be made available on the website in advance of each meeting. The 4th Wednesday of the month is reserved for committees which may meet at an alternate time and location.  Changes are communicated via announcements in local papers, City Hall, the school website and weekly school community communications.

Agendas, Minutes and Meeting Highlights can be found here.


Member – Lisa McIntyre Member – Lisa McIntyre
Lisa, along with her husband Rob, is a parent of 3 HCS alumni. She has served in the past as an officer of the Parents’ Association/Friends for 5 years, in addition to chairing and assisting many school activities. She has been actively involved in school and community events and organizations, working hard to bring the two closer. She is currently the Director of an ocean conservation nonprofit and is a SCUBA divemaster in NYC. Previously, she has owned a local business, was an executive at a major global financial institution, and has served in various community and civic capacities. Contact at: hobokenlisamc@gmail.com


Member – Joy Wheeler Member – Joy Wheeler
Joy is an advisor for several start-up technology and real estate companies. She’s also a licensed real estate sales agent in NY and a partner of the Dvorin, Wolf, Wheeler Team at Douglas Elliman Real Estate in NYC. She’s an entrepreneur at heart and has been in the digital technology and e-commerce start-up space for over 15 years. She’s held executive positions in operations, sales, and strategic account management. Joy and her husband, Brian are proud parents of an alumni and a fifth grader. Contact at: joywheeler92@gmail.com


Member – Mark Silberberg Member – Mark Silberberg
Mark was a Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Hoboken Charter School from its inception until 2004. He is currently the Director of Learning and Innovation at the Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School in New York City. He is thrilled to be able to continue to support the mission of the Hoboken Charter School as a member of the board. Contact at: msilberberg@lrei.org


Member – John Berger Member – John Berger


Chairperson – Lauren Schickler Calmas Chairperson – Lauren Schickler Calmas
Lauren has worked in the luxury goods and fashion industries for over 18 years, focusing on brand management, merchandising and business development. She holds an undergraduate degree from Tufts University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. Lauren and her husband Steve are the proud parents of two Hoboken Charter School students. Contact at: lcalmashcs@gmail.com


Member – Amanda Grant Member – Amanda Grant
Amanda co-leads the financial services practice of a global executive search firm. She has worked in asset management for 30 years in distribution leadership roles at global investment companies and co-founded a financial services management consulting company. Amanda also founded the first national adoption consultancy to help people adopt American-born children. She is a graduate of Pace University, and a current Advisory Board Member, and Hunter College – CUNY. Amanda is a the proud parent of a Hoboken Charter School 4th grader. Contact at: agrant5@verizon.net


Member – Christine Sheedy Member – Christine Sheedy
Christine is the PA representative to the Board of Trustees of Hoboken Charter School. She became the PA Rep in August of 2013. Prior to that she was a Friends Trustee since 2010. She is the proud mother of two children at HCS, one in the class of 2022 and the other in the class of 2024. A twenty-year resident of Hoboken, Christine works in financial services, helping organizations and leadership teams improve their effectiveness. Contact at: csheedy@hcs-pa.org.


PA Rep to the Board of Trustees – Dana Wissing PA Rep to the Board of Trustees – Dana Wissing
Dana and her husband, Dylan, are long-time residents of Hoboken and have one son attending HCS. Dana has spent the last twenty years working in learning and development for two major corporations. Prior to moving to the corporate sector, Dana spent eight years working in various aspects of non-profit theater administration. Contact at: dwissing@hcs-pa.org


Board Secretary (non-voting) – Steve Literati Board Secretary (non-voting) – Steve Literati
Steve is Hoboken Charter School’s certified School Business Administrator.


Non-Voting Member - Deirdra Grode Non-Voting Member - Deirdra Grode
Deirdra is the Executive Director of Hoboken Charter School.


Mission Statement

Dedicated to charting a course of success for today and tomorrow’s children, the Hoboken Charter School’s mission is to empower all students with an exceptional foundation that actualizes their unique potential. 

To provide and exceptional educational foundation, the Board, in active collaboration with the staff, the family and the community and using a clear system of accountability, will provide the tools to ensure that our students and staff shall:

  1. Work cooperatively in a safe, supportive and challenging learning environment that addresses individual learning needs;
  2. Apply problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills learned through written, oral, technological and experiential application in and out of the classroom;
  3. Practice good citizenship by fostering respect for one’s self and others through a better understanding of the needs of a diverse society;
  4. Fully integrate technology into the learning experience using creative and effective teaching techniques;
  5. Appreciate, preserve and promote the quality and professionalism of the staff, administration and Board of Trustees.

System Goals 

In order to achieve educational goals for children, the Board of Trustees of Hoboken Charter School will strive to implement the following educational methods:

A. Insure that all instruction bears relevancy to the present of future needs and interest of students.

B. Insure that students have opportunities consistent with their ages to determine the nature of their educational experiences.

C. Insure that specialized and individual kinds of educational experiences are available for meeting the particular needs of students.

D. Insure that teachers are provided the opportunities to participate in planning curricula, procedures and regulations of the school district.

E. Insure that the resources available for education are used with maximum efficiency.

F. Insure that instructional, administrative, and support staffs are of high quality in every respect.

G. Insure constructive cooperation among parents, teachers, and community groups.

Education Outcome Goals 

As a base for its educational program and in accordance with the requirements of the State, the Board of Trustees of the Hoboken Charter School, following consultation with teaching staff members, parents and other residents of this district, adopts the following educational outcome goals for every pupil in this district.

A. Develop a desire for learning now and in the future.

B. Develop skills in mathematics, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

C. Gain a fundamental education in physical and biological sciences, social sciences and history.

D. Learn how to obtain, examine and use information to think critically and solve problems.

E. Develop good character and self-esteem.

F. Develop pride in work and feeling of self worth.

G. Learn to respect and get along with people with whom we work and live.

H. Learn how to be a good citizen by understanding and practicing democratic ideas and ideals.

I. Understand and practice the concepts of health and safety.

J. Appreciate culture and beauty in the world.

K. Understand and practice the skills of family living.

L. Learn how to respect diverse cultures and beliefs and to get along with people who think, dress, and act differently.

M. Learn about and try to understand the changes that take place in the world.

N. Learn how to be a good manager of time, money, property, and resources.

O. Understand how to use leisure time for personal enhancement.

P. Develop and understanding of various careers and the world of work