A rigorous, world-class education is required to prepare all students to meet the challenges of a democratic civil society and the rapidly changing workplace. A curriculum based on experience, with active participation in academics, arts, service, and personal growth, instills in students a sense of involvement and obligation to themselves, one another, and the community.

The four cornerstones of the Hoboken Charter School — academic, artistic, personal, and civic growth — are unified by two basic educational practices: learner-centered education and service learning. A learner-centered school is a place where teachers and students are committed to one another and share collectively in the school vision. It is a self-governing learning community where all decisions are seen in terms of the question, “What is best for learners?” Service learning provides students with a way to apply what they have learned in school in meaningful ways within their community. It also provides the community with needed services. Students feel useful and challenged, experience an increased sense of competence, hold more positive attitudes about the community, and have a greater sense of responsibility.

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